Talk to Strangers with Omegle Chat

Well, this is Omegle, where the "Random video chat" term has started with. People started to use Omegle at 2009 and named this way of communicating: Random Chat. (Where the text chat has died.) Omegle system works on bringing a stranger to your screen with clicking the start and the next buttons. Everybody loved it! By time the original has closed and we, OmegleTV.Click born. Completely free alternative to first version with much more features designed.

Omegle Chat

The Things You Can Do With Omegle TV

A lot! There are many types of people online using random video chat sites. Some for fun, some for killing time, and some for making new friends. It doesn't matter which one are you, you will find what you are looking for as there are millions chatting all the time. So what are you looking for? Let's go check your type and interests.

To Talk with Strangers Worldwide

Our new Omegle TV is the best site to meet strangers. There may be many benefit comes from this. You will learn about different cultures, you will chat with people who are speaking other languages. There are millions of online users, pick one or go random.

Talking to complete stranger is relaxing. The person doesn't know you and even doesn't live in your country. What do you have to loose? Problems that may arise in speaking will not cause ridicule at university or at work the next day, right? It's not going to effect your real life at all. So you can share your deep secrets or you can talk to things which you can't with your real friends. Many guys are sharing their problems about relationships to female strangers as an example. Calm down, you are in your secret place.

To Make New Friends Online

You will expand your social network with many friends. Average user on our website starts more than 20 conversations with different strangers daily. You don't like one, click the "Next" for another conversation with another person. If you are looking for a specific user (with similar interests for example), you can use our filters to find her/him easily. This way you can meet new people with the same interests. Who knows maybe next year you will go to another continent to meet your new friend!

To Kill Some Time or Just for Fun

And yes, those ones... Here just for fun. Recording videos to share on youtube. Friends come together to find someone to laugh together with. Those people are more fun definitely even they are not going to be your long life friends. They are not coming to platform for anything serious. If you catch 'em, just try to get much fun as you can.

Random Video Chat

What Random Video Chat is All About?

Random video chat is all about clicking the "Start Chatting" button and chatting with a random stranger. It's why they call it "Random Chat". You can't choose the person you are going to chat with. This plays on your dopamine. "Who will be there now?", "Will she be pretty?", "Will she like me?"... Questions and hormones. Exciting isn't it? It should be because tens of millions of people online using this type of chat every single day. Billions of video calls on chat websites like Omegle, Ome TV, Emerald Chat. Extraordinary numbers.

Anonymous Chatting is The Best

We are the best alternative to talk to strangers! It's not us who is saying that, no! All the reviews, user comments and feedbacks are supporting this. And yes you can video chat as anonymous user. It's important because no one will know your name, the place you live, your mail/phone... Basically no one from online strangers will know anything about you. We took all the safety features to build the most secure environment. Forget the questions on tour head and focus on Omegle online chat.

Should You Create an Account?

Well, you don't have to. 90% of our users love being anonymous. However, if you want to have a profile for others to find you when they are looking for, you should have an account. When you have one, other users can send you free text messages, add your profile to their fav. lists. All this will keep you in a social circle. So upon of all, you don't have to have an account on Omegle TV as long as you don't prefer to.

Random Strangers or Private Chat Rooms?

Hard question. If you are looking for specific person, hmm let's say girls, private chat rooms are better for you. You can enter any public chat rooms, use the filters, click the search, find your matches, pick one and go for it! You can create random video calls from the ones we found for you and start online chatting immediately.

On the other hand, if you are looking for fun or someone from strangers worldwide, you should go with random video chat. On this part, you can not choose the person you want to chat with. System will bring you someone from the online strangers. Hah, by the way, you can't choose a specific person here but you can choose the gender and country.

Omegle Online Chat Rooms

Yeah, if you want to talk about interests, topics, daily news we got free chat rooms too. Unlike stranger chat, you can have video talk about tags and topics. You can make voice calls to talk about world news with real people. Not that fun part of our app but many love this too. You can meet people chatting on topics as well.

Boring Part: The Rules of Random Chat

When we say "Chat Rules", you say "Böö"... We know that but we have to talk about the rules. Without rules, we cannot maintain the quality of our community. And the Community matters. Don't worry we are not going to write down a Lawyer stuff. There are not many but they are important:

Keep your personal info safe at the beginning. Do not share everything about you to a person at first when you chat online. (Actually it's more for your protection than a rule.) There are many strangers Omegle chatting. Some of them may have bad intentions and can create problems to you. Remember, this is on you but we are warning. (Don't say we didn't!)

Do not talk to other people with swearing and slang words. Why would you do that anyway? Don't forget that there is a complaint button on our website and this button really works. When other people report you, things may end up with the end of your access to our platform.\

We believe we don't need to remind you that you should be over 18 years old. But here we are, reminding you. Also, if you find out the person you are talking is underage please report him/her to us as fast as you can. Random video chat platforms are not the best place for underage people.

Having Trouble to Start Conversation?

Don't tell anybody, we can help you! You don't know what to say at the beginning of the chat? Random words are not coming to your mind? Yeah we go that. Think about two random strangers are talking. They don't know each others. What the first thing they should say? Think... Yup, you are right. "Hi!".

Magic and easy word right? Always say "Hi!" with smiling, energetic face. Remember that first impression is everything on random chat. When system connect you to another person you have just seconds to impress. Use that 2-3 seconds wisely. People love energetic, self confident person. The biggest secret is, do not be shy.

There are some conversation starters when you chat with strangers too. For example: "Tell me about yourself", "Do you have a hidden talent?", "Any big plans for the weekend?", "What is your deepest fear?"... Remember, you are not paying anything for this. It's totally free. So don't be shy and if it doesn't work go try that on different person. You have infinite chances!

Do You Need More Help?

We got the best support line. When you have a technical problem, suggestions or complaints, our live chat support line is online 7/24 for you. Just click the live support and chat with them. Tell your problem and they will find a solution.

Are There Any Other Sites Like Omegle?

Many. There are several sites comparable to Omegle with their strengths and weaknesses. Emerald Chat is unique because of the focus on features aimed at improving user experience and safety. Chat Random is another option. People love Ome TV too. Basically it is all about your personal preference. The best part of it, we do have alternatives for all of those apps.

The Best Features of New Omegle TV

Our new Omegle alternative features designed for you. We have listened our user feedbacks and worked on them. We believe we have created the best user friendly interface ever for you to have more fun our of this.

You can easily talk to strangers with our new platform. Create random video calls, send text messages or images. When you are talking with a stranger, our ai based speech to text algorithm will translate the speech instantly. This way you can communicate with the people even without knowing anything about their language!

Talk to Strangers

Ready to Talk to Strangers Worldwide?

Are you a random video chat virgin? Don't be afraid of, we are on your side. Let's go upside of our website and click the "Start Chatting" button. You got all the information you need and are ready for a lot of fun. When there will be (if there will ever be) a problem, we are waiting for you on support line. Best luck!