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321 Chat will serve you as many ways as it can. Having fun time or finding someone for a relationship. Free chat rooms is your thing. With our superior chat software, you can choose the topic and start chatting instantly. Unlike the original platform vip users don't pay anything for vip membership on our alternative. You can use the platform on our website or app. It's totally up to you.


Our new interface specifically designed for users to find related contents faster than other chat sites. We got several popular rooms: Adult chat room is the biggest of them. Mostly adult users are chatting there. Remember that you can join to chat rooms as guest user without creating any account. This way you can have zero problems chatting as you will stay anonymous.

Stop Looking for Other Chat Sites

You don't need to search for chat sites anymore. 321 Chat alternative will cover all of your needs. You don't need to sign up to test our site. Just click the "Start Chatting" button to connect to our servers and see yourself. As we care about our community, you will meet quality people. Our site owner is our users. So, hello boss!

Alternative 321Chat Features

Omegle TV alternative version of 321Chat has much more features than most of the sites around. We don't care your sexual orientation, our user friendly interface will help you to find the best friends you are looking for. Random Strangers Chat feature is even more fun, we strongly recommend you to try! We have large number of users chatting everyday, so it will be very easy to find what you are looking for.

Finding a Date on Free Chat Rooms

Finding the right person on chatroom may not be easy. There are several suggestions we can make for you to find your exact match! There are millions here to chat online. Even a new guest may be the one you are looking for but how to know and how to engage?

First you should know what you are looking for. As we are a free site, we don't have any paying member. So there may be people who are here just to fun with others. (Romance scammers) So we suggest you to not be completely open to someone you just met. Start the talk and give him/her some time. You can talk with thousands of people around the world on our platform, so do not be upset if you can't find what you are looking for at once.

Community Rules of 321 Chat

321Chat has rules for chat rooms as other sites. Keeping kids away from the platform is our first priority. Under age teens shouldn't use our chat room service. So if you are below 18 you should stop chatting here. If you find out that the person you are chatting with is underage, you should report. You can check our rules page for more. Half the people on our service follow and help us for better community!

What Makes 321Chat So Great?

Our community is different because we moderate each room in an equal manner. Chatter may talk or fight. Usually moderators can intervene unless a troll appears. When someone creates a complaint, ban appeal form sends to our moderators instantly to take an action. As there are too many chat snobs with half a brain, (Big surprise? No.) we pay a lot attention to this complaints. They will be perma banned from our system (Even if they come with a different account) so relax.

Millions of Active Chatters

People talk about 321Chat even outside website. It's because of the service we provide. Many of the people who use our site become real friends. We have millions of free chat sessions everyday thanks to our community. No one has to use pos, site is absolutely free. Vast majority of 321 Chat are over 30. You can hit single moms or working man easily.

Different Chat Rooms Offered at 321Chat

321 Chat is chatting website offers online chatting since 2002 which is still one of the biggest chatting services in the world. Some of the community members offered different chat rooms to be open in last 2 years. We have listened and opened 27 different new chat rooms for our members.

Gay and Lesbian chat rooms

It is true we talk about free speech but some people do not talk about their sexual interests to their families or parents. This causes many problems with stress and anxiety. Many still feel incredibly homophobic. Different sexual orientations can choose their own paths. This app is ideal for chatting about lesbian relationships because the interface is simple. Females can find other women who are interested in lesbian dating. Gay men can find gay men on internet looking for dates or for love.

Are You Ready to Dive in 321Chat Fun?

As you have learned everything you can about alternative 321 Chat platform, it's time to join the chat rooms. You are going to have more fun than you can imagine. Remember that we are always here when you have any questions or problems. So go for it! Have the best fun!