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Emerald Chat is a chat application that allows you to video chat over the web. With the Emerald Chat alternative on Omegle TV Click, you can find a chat partner and have a video chat anytime you want, making new friendships. Our platform, which allows you to chat anonymously, is completely free!

Anonymous Chat with Strangers

One of the biggest advantages of Emerald Video Chat alternative is anonymity. When person can stay anonymous, it's much more easy to talk stuff which they can't in real life on online chatting. Unlike many chat platforms, Emerald app alternative does not ask any payments for this feature. You can chat with strangers whenever you want without revealing personal information.

Any Device with Webcam and Browser is Enough

You don't need to download any chat app. To connect our website all you should have is internet, webcam and a browser. It's much more easy to use browser to communicate with other people. Many people prefer not to download anything as long as web based version has standout features as well as the app.

Emerald Chat

Emerald Chat Alternative Completely Free

If you are looking for a secure random chat platform, look no further. With dozens of new features that other platforms do not have, EmeraldChat will offer you a unique opportunity to have a great time. Whether you chat anonymously or create an account and chat with your username, you will not pay any fees no matter how much time you spend.

Stop Wasting Time on Other Sites

We always believed that online chatting must be free for everybody. Even when it comes to key features, we don't ask any payment. Our user friendly interface will help you to find new friends to have engaging conversations with. You won't pay a dime for anything!

Brand New Technology, Advanced Features

We introduce you to our alternative application, which has many more features than the official site. Our Emerald alternative is a unique platform that can be accessed without registration via the web and ensures 100% data security. If you encounter any problems while randomly chatting with other users, our live support service is available 24/7.

Country, age, and gender filters, private chat areas that third parties cannot access, and an anonymous approach that keeps your personal information safe are just a few of the features of our new Emerald Chat alternative. Thanks to our platform, which can comfortably serve millions of users daily, finding the chat friend you are looking for or making new friendships will be very easy.

Bot Free Environment

Effective anti bot measures will clear our system from bot users. This way you can be sure of you are talking with real people. Upon of all you can have friends from real people but not from bots right? If you suspect the person you text chat with can be bot inside the conversation, please report the account for us to investigate.

Use Filters for Exact Matches

It's very important for a video chat platforms or websites to have filters when you are having random video chat. Especially on random chats, if you won't use the filters, system brings a person randomly to you. When you are looking for new people to meet but if you also want them to have similar interests with you, you should always use filters.

Emerald Video Chat on Mobile Device

It's not like old times. You can use any chat room in our online world from any mobile device you have. We are living in a modern world, so our tech should get adopt to it. You can connect to our services from tablets and smart phones with no issues.

Emerald Chat Community Rules

Pay Attention to Community Rules

There are rules you need to follow while video chatting. Whether in a public or private broadcast, pay attention to our rules, which are valid for all areas. Ignoring and violating these rules can result in being banned from the system and may also be a crime in your country, leading to legal problems.

Remember that you must be over 18 to use the platform. If you encounter someone you suspect is under 18 within EmeraldChat, be sure to report it. Our support team will quickly review the profile and, if the user is under 18, will remove them from the chat rooms.

Pay attention to your language. Using profanity or offensive language can result in your profile being reported and subsequently banned from the system. Such behavior is also a crime in many countries, so if the user you are chatting with reports you, you may also face legal problems.

Do not record. Recording another user’s video broadcast is a crime in many countries. Unauthorized sharing of these broadcasts is also a separate crime. If you think a user is recording you, please report the situation to our live support team.

Most Enjoyable Online Chatting

With our Emerald Chat alternative, there is nothing that you can't do. You can send pictures or text messages to other users, you can have private one conversations, talk multiple people at the same time, check users karma rating, dive into discussions on people meet rooms, send a file to others and much more. You don't even need to join or log in to anything for all that.

Ready to Chat?

Just one step left to enter the world of video chat. To connect to the system and start video chatting, all you need to do is click the "Start Chat" button above. Remember, you can also share your profile link on social media accounts to chat with more users. To share your profile, simply click the "Share My Profile" button on your main screen.