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Azar official site and app is one of the most used live video chat platforms in the world (Leading chat site in many countries). With over a hundred million users, the platform tops the charts in both Play Store and Apple Store. Using our alternative Azar platform, you can become a live broadcaster, join live streams, and have random video chats with girls completely free of charge.

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Chat with Girls, an Azar Classic

Most of the broadcasters on the platform are girls, making it very easy to chat with them. Every time you log in, a new streamer will appear on your screen. It's nearly impossible not to find a girl to chat with on Azar. Just click the start chat button, and a female broadcaster will appear instantly. No need to spend much time, just click the start button and enjoy. Do not get lost on low quality chat sites, you found what you were looking for.

More Features Than You Expect

Live streaming is the most used feature in today's social media. With increasing internet speeds and camera quality, connecting to live streams and having video chats with people is both fun and a necessity in our fast-paced world. Our alternative Azar application offers more features than you expect. Learn about some of the countless features we developed in our latest version and enhance your chatting experience. Use it to know people from different cultures.

Use Filters to Find Relevant People

Chatting with random people is incredibly fun. The thrill of not knowing who from which country will appear next is priceless. However, we understand that sometimes our users want to chat with specific people they are interested in. On our Azar alternative app, go to filter settings and choose the age, gender, and country to filter people online according to your interests.

Broadcast Anonymously or Create a Profile to Get Popular

You don't need an account or registration to join a live stream. You can start chatting instantly without sharing your real name or personal information. If you want people to follow you, create a message box, and use the settings tab to chat with specific people, you can create a free account. No subscription is required.

Free Messages All Day

With our Azar alternative, you can send messages to any user you want, whether during live streams or outside of them. Go to the messages tab, write your message, and click send. Yes, it's completely free to do this too.

Private One-on-One Messages and Broadcasts

Want to start a private live video conversation with just you and the selected person? Yes, with our latest version, this is also possible. After selecting the video broadcast, click the send button, and when the invitation is accepted, the app will display "one-on-one live session started" on the screen. It's that simple.

Add to Favorites, Follow

If you created an account, you can add users you like to your favorite list by clicking the add to favorites button. When you enter the details page, you can see information about the user, such as where they live, gender, age, etc. You need to add the user to your favorites first to see this information.

Impressive Customer Support

Our live customer support line is working 24/7 to assist you whenever you need help. All you need to do is enter the live support address and write to us. Once you connect to live support, an operator will start a session and immediately begin discussing the topic you need information and assistance with.

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Rules to Follow on Azar Web Alternative

First and foremost, remember that you must be over 18 to use any live video application. If you think the person you are chatting with is under 18, you must report it to us. In such a case, click the report to Azar button and select your reason for reporting. When you click send, your complaint will reach us.

Avoid inappropriate behavior at all costs. Behaviors like swearing, insulting people, or recording videos that you should not do on any application will result in you being banned from the platform and may be a crime in your country. If your country's official authorities request profile information from us, remember that we are obligated to provide it.

Video Quality on Azar Live Alternative

Not just good, but perfect! We are confident that we have the highest image quality among existing applications. Our response times are so short that switching to another broadcast after a live session will only take half a second. You will realize this quality in your first chat connection and stop using subscriptions on other nonsense platforms.

If you think the broadcast quality is low, click the image settings on the screen and select a higher image quality. Your image quality and broadcast speed will increase. Of course, make sure you have a suitable internet connection for this. If you need more help regarding official Omegle TV Click app information, we are always here.

Becoming a Video Chat Broadcaster on Azar

Do you want to earn money on our alternative Azar video chat platform? All you need to do is contact us. Remember that you can earn income as an alternative Azar broadcaster. Our responsible friends will provide the necessary notifications and answer all your questions.

Without wasting time on inappropriate sites and apps, meet our team with 14 years of experience in live video. Go to the help line and quickly get all the necessary information. No platform does it better than us, we are very confident!

Let's Connect to the Broadcast!

Are you ready to join a video chat on Azar with our alternative app? You've learned everything about the platform, now all you need to do is click the start chat button above. Millions of people are waiting for you. Come on, click and start chatting for free!